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Jenna Redfield

Founder of Twin Cities Collective

ABOUT Jenna Redfield

Driven by her personal experiences and a burning desire to make a difference, Jenna embarked on a mission to revolutionize the way entrepreneurs and creatives connect in the Twin Cities. After graduating from college in 2014, she discovered the challenges of networking and finding local events, small business owners, and communities in the area.

Determined to find a solution, Jenna took the initiative and founded Twin Cities Collective in 2016. Through her unwavering dedication and entrepreneurial spirit, she created a central hub that empowers individuals to thrive, connect, and succeed.

As a marketing coach and educator, Jenna's expertise guides the direction of Twin Cities Collective. With over six years of running this thriving community, she has honed her skills in empowering others to unlock their potential and achieve their goals. Her coaching and educational resources have helped countless entrepreneurs and creatives navigate the world of social media and marketing.

Beyond her role as a mentor and educator, Jenna also offers additional marketing-related services such as coaching, photography, and web design. Her multidimensional approach ensures that members of Twin Cities Collective have access to a comprehensive range of tools and support to enhance their businesses.

Based in the western suburbs of Minneapolis, Jenna is deeply rooted in the Twin Cities community. She, along with the dedicated team of volunteers, curates engaging workshops and events that foster genuine connections and provide valuable networking opportunities.

Join Jenna Redfield and the Twin Cities Collective community today, and embark on a journey of growth, collaboration, and success. Together, we can thrive in the Twin Cities and beyond. - All Rights Reserved - Terms & Conditions